Thursday, January 5, 2012

Don't dismiss might be just what you need?

We all read and hear about different ideas and decided instantly whether we had any interest or not. What I'm thinking about is when we dismiss an idea or a thought that might acually been good for us.

I read a lot of books and frequently I will think of someone who I think in my sphere of influence would benefit from me sharing my discovery.

It was interesting to me that the one's that I thought that would benefit from it the most were the one's I know would be least interested in watching, reading or even talking about it. It's much the same when you go to a seminar, you look around and see who is there and who is not? Yep, those that need it aren't there and those who are already on the right path are there.

By contrast those that I felt needed it the least were the one's who jumped right on something that sounded interesting to them. They saw the immediate benefit not just for them but for others as well. This has me thinking about what I might have dismissed in my life that could have had major benefit to me? Now obviously its healthy to dismiss some things like recreational drugs for instance. But perhaps we would all benefit if we were just a little more open minded and were not so quick to dismiss what we don't initially understand.

Here is the thought...what if I'm wrong? Just contemplate for a moment all the good things you missed because you thought you had all the answers?

Then there are those who dismiss the ideas of others and by doing so crush their enthusiasm. The damage done by belittling someone else's dreams can be devastating. Here's what Mark Twain had to say about that...

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