Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Secret to likeability

I'll skip past the obvious stuff like;  take a regular shower, brush your teeth and don't be rude. I found 100's of examples of the obvious, but here at 'Happy School' we're into unique and of course easy.

What do you think is the fastest, easiest and surest guarantee that you will always be viewed as likeable? That's the question I've been pondering. That question had me stumped for a few days. But then in a moment of sudden insight, the answer was revealed. I almost wet my pants with excitement, it was that good.
I Guru Eduardo was now in possession of a life changing inspiration. The gods were on my side. Not only did I discover the secret of likeability but I had in my possession the secret to a fun, easy and abundant life. No point writing, reading and researching anymore....I had the answer! So what to do with it?

"for you my friends  I will offer this one time opportunity. For the incredible low, low price of just 4 equal payments of $9.95 (plus tax) it is all yours"

Whoa, got carried away there with the brillance of my discovery! After careful review and a return to sanity I now will reveal all for the incredible price of FREE. I do have one caveat that I must insist you read the secret, promise me you'll let it perculate in your brain for a few days. I'm confident if you do that you will come agree with me, it is brilliant. Here is the secret to likeability and to success....

"put others first and everthing becomes fun, easy and abundant"

Help others get what they want and they will be only to happy to help you get what you want. I guarantee that they will like you as well! The more you help others the more others will want you to succeed and be happy. Multiply your success, happiness and likeability by helping as many as you can. Consider it an honor to be in a position to help when you the opportunity presents itself. Call it Karma or cause and effect the truth is, it works perfectly.

This is just another of those cosmic jokes. God has a terrific sense of humor. He puts everything right in front of us, makes it really obvious then sits back and laughs at our foolishness until we finally get it. This is just another one of his little tricks like....the more you give, the more you get. But hey, we're smarter than the average monkey and we figured it out!

All along my path, I figured it was all about me. I was focused on figuring out how to make me happy and successful. And dang if it doesn't turn out that I was wrong, it's not about me. It's about helping others. I help them get what they want and they help me get what I want. Simple...beautiful!

ADDED BONUS: Now, I'm just so damn likeable (might have to work on that humble thing next)

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