Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Maybe you are just thinking too much?

"You would be a lot smarter if you didn't always think so much"

I just discovered the cure for procrastination!   And lucky you because I'm going to share it with you.   So lets the bells ring out and the banners fly, its too good to be true.    The cure for procrastination is....quit thinking.   That's it.   And it gets even better....

"Stop thinking is also the solution for getting more productive."

I know just what you are thinking....you got some explaining to do Guru

Ok, here is what causes us to procrastinate, we start thinking about what we are supposed to do.  Then we start thinking why we don't need to do it right now.   A whole avoidance senerio goes in our mind.  And before we know it, we've talked ourselves out it.  As some wise guy once said...'why put off until tomorrow what you can put off until next week'.

So the trick is to start as quick as you can.   Don't think about it just start and voila procrastination is whipped in seconds.  Too much thinking leads to delays, excuses and problems.

Now what about this increased productivity thing Mr. Guru?

Same thing too much planning of what you are going to do each day leads to inaction.   Just get started and plan as you go.   This way you will get more done.   A rough guide is all you need, too much fine planning slows you down and sometimes even gets you discouraged.   As that annoying Nike ad says...just do it (and do it now).

But wait it gets better..  

Do you want get more courage?   No problem...quit thinking so much.  The reason courage fails us is mostly because we think to much about the consequences.   Now sometimes that's a really good thing but sometimes it prevents us from going outside of our comfort zones.    The great achievements in life usually happen outside your comfort zone and too much thinking can get in the way.   Think about that?  

So there you have it, a simple solution from a simple Guru!

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