Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good news! They lied to us..

"God invented an incredible fun loving machine.  Then some spoil sports got a hold of the controls and reprogrammed it, now the damn thing hardly has any fun left in's called a human"

My buddy Doug and I have been discussing all the things that were once thought to be bad for us, and that have now been proven to be actually good for us. Off the top of my head, here are a few of them.

* eggs Then, bad cholestrol they said. Now they say a couple of eggs per day are good for us.

* chocolate Then, bad cholestrol, fattening and gave you zits. Now, good for you in moderate amounts (dark chocolate only).

* wine Then, nothing good and turn you into an alcoholic. Now good for your heart, 2 glasses a day for men and one for women (we deserve more)

* beer and other alcoholic beverages ditto above

* germs Then, gonna kill us and spread diseases...really bad. Now, if your home is too antiseptic and clean your kids won't develop immunities to fight off the diseases.

* sex Then, only for procreation and heaven knows that sex without a partner would grow hair on your palms (who wants to shake hands with a person with hairy palms?) Now, it's good for your mental health, it's great exercise (20-30 minutes of sex can be equal to burning 300 calories or running 3 miles, insert joke here), for us men, it's good for your prostrate and get damn hair on the palms!

* coffee Then, bad for your ticker and what else I don't remember. Now, good for you, full of antioxidents.

* fat Then, consuming fat was a big time no no. Now, it turns out their is good fat and bad fat. Bad fat is animal fat, good fat is fish fat. Good fat has Omega 3 and Omega 6 in it. This good fat is good for your heart, hair, skin and your sex

Makes me think what else they lied or misled us about. Of course the spoil sports always have a caveat about these past sins;

"We must be moderate in our consumption"

So I can enjoy all my little bad habits  it's just that I have to be moderate. But I'm thinking to myself....well, they lied to me before...hmmmm. One last thought amigos, this is a Guruism;

"be moderate in your moderation"

I'm thinking that if we were always moderate we might end up being bland. How can that be a good thing? A world of bland people would be like a world made up of nothing but politicians and preachers. Uuck, think about that. So I say dear readers be moderate, but every once in awhile....go hog wild with your pleasures! Do something crazy, take some chances and savour life to it's fullest (just be moderate about it, damn it)

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