Monday, August 8, 2011

God doesn't do ugly

"A weed is  nothing more than a flower in disguise"

If we observe nature we frequently use terms such as: inspiring, majestic, awesome and breathtaking.   Have you ever stood looking out at the bountiful ocean or snow capped mountain and thought to yourself, man this is ugly if I could only move that moutain a little to the left it would be so much prettier?  Even when you look up to the skies and see a threatening storm we can still find the beauty in it.  

No only man can create ugly.   We can destroy what is naturally beautiful and do it with alarming ease.  We have the ability to rip up the wilderness, pollute the skies and water.   It is us humans that create ugly and not the universe.

"Our eyes perceive what we believe"

Being beautiful or handsome isn't a label that others bestow on you.  It is a gift you give yourself.  You just decide to be beautiful and are!  And it goes without saying that in order to feel beautiful you must first love yourself.   Many times I've read that real beauty comes from within.   Truthfully, I never really understood or bought into that.  Until....

One day I saw a girl whom I had once dated.   The date was pleasant but we never really connected.   If I was being truthful, I didn't really find her that attractive.   She was what I would have called in those days, marginal. 

Then I saw her several months later.  She was with another guy coming off the dance floor.   It was so obvious that they were head over heels madly in love.   And damned if she didn't look like the most beautiful girl in the place.   That girl was shining!   She glowed and her beauty was busting out all over the room.   I couldn't help but also notice that all the other guys were noticing my former marginal girl as well. 

The next day I was thinking over her transformation (at least in my eyes).    I wrote this down and it has always stuck in my head...

"My first impression was to pass her by
until I saw her in love with another guy"

Sounds like the making of a country song to me...kind of sad in a way.    But the big lesson learned by me was this...

"Everything and anyone who is loved becomes beautiful"

So if you want to make someone beautiful then just love them.  If you want to make any thing beautiful, love it.   Now since I want you all to be beautiful today and every day, I'm thinking beautiful thoughts of you right now. 

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