Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Your reality cheque just bounced

"if your life is becoming boring maybe it's because you don't have a fun file"

Four or five years ago my son was playing with his first iphone.   I asked him what he was doing?   He said,  'I'm just checking my fun file'.  Now that got my interest!   Ok, I said, 'what is a fun file?'  'I keep a list of all the fun things I like to do and so when I get bored I just check my fun file to decide what to do.'   Wow the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.   

Do you have a fun file?    Do you plan for fun in your life or do you just let it happen by chance?   The answer will tell me how much fun you are squeezing out of life.   Most of you plan for your future, plan for your family, plan for your career or business.  But do your plan to have fun?   Ok, I admit you probably plan for your vacation but I want you to have fun more than just a couple weeks of the year. 

If you don't want your reality cheque to bounce or be returned NSF (not sufficient fun)  I urge you to start a fun file.   Start a list of all the fun things you want to do one day and then when bored creeps into your life you can slay it quickly with your fun file. 

Thanks son!

(from my fun file a picture of me sailing with my amgios on the weekend)

P.S.   This is another of the great ideas from my book...How To Seduce Life

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