Friday, August 26, 2011

The worlds best Seducer

"The reason for Steven Jobs out of this world success is that he and the products he invented seduced the world"

As this man steps down from building  America's most successful company (valued at $300 Billion) everyone is wondering what was the real secret to his unbelievable success?   Was it the innovative products or the visionary leader?

I believe that both the man and his products seduced us.   The products were always a thing of beauty both to have and hold and in the way that they worked.   But let's be real, if we really look at Apple products there are other companies that produce similar products in terms of usefullnes and price.   And yet....

Then there is the man...Steven Jobs.   His presentations of new products would bring weeks if not months of high anticipation.   His vision was immense.   But other corporate leaders would be considered visionary and many much for charismatic. 
 And yet...

What Steven Jobs, his products and his company do better than any of their competitors do is seduce us into wanting to be seen with his products.   There is a sort of status that goes with having an Apple product and for some wanting to be the first in your tribe to get it. 

So how did he seduce us?

He employed the seduction techniques of:

Simplicity and efficiency
Original (authentic)
And a great story..

There is so much more to a Steve Jobs product than just the product itself.   There is a whole world of personal and product seduction going on.   Something to think about?

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