Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Seducers Secret Revealed

"100% guarantee that this works every single time"  (Guru Eduardo)

There are no exceptions, if you cause people to feel good about themselves they will be seduced.   They will want to be in your presence and they will want the best for you.   Enemies will become friends, acquaintances will become confidants and the end result is that your life will become fun, easy and abundant (as it was meant to be).

"Everyone is worth seducing"

There is only one way to become a master seducer and that is to seduce everyone who crosses your path.  It matters not whether they have any ability to do anything for you.   In fact to seduce someone who is of absolutely no benefit to you  is evidence of  spiritual growth.  

"Today is your playground for fun and growth" 

Who will you cause to feel good about themselves today?    There is no need for me to tell someone as smart as you how to make someone feel good about themselves?    You know or can easily figure that one  out.

Imagine a world where everyone seduces everyone?

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