Tuesday, August 20, 2013

3 Best Ways To Use Compliments For Fun & Profits

"The right compliment causes others to like us and lowers their resistance to our ideas, beliefs, products and services"

It is easy to like someone who likes us.   After all we have to admire their good taste and judgement when they like us.   So we are all suseptable to a good compliment. 

Compliments are like gifts.    They trigger that feeling of wanting to reciprocate.  So the receiver wants to do something nice in return.   Of course I realize you are too nice a person to use a compliment to manipulate anyone?

Here are 3 powerful ways to use compliments....

1.  Be a good gossip

Whenever I hear someone say something complimentary about a person not present, I try to remember to repeat was said as soon as I see that absent person.  

e.g.  Hey, I was talking to Jenny the other day and she said you were one of the smartest people she has ever met.

The person I am giving the good gossip to is flattered and instantly puts them in a good mood.   I've also done a favor for the absent complimentor.    But just as important to me is that some of that good feeling is attributed to me.  

And the compliment is always accepted as truthful because it is coming from a 3rd party. 

Big win for all 3 of us.

2.  Be a public praiser

Look for opportunties to praise someone in front of others.

e.g.  Did you guys know that Bill just got an award for  community service.

Do the bragging for others and they will certainly be grateful.    Bill can pretend to be humble and yet everyone knows of his accomplishment.

Bill won't forget you soon for putting the spotlight on him.

3.  Give simple sincere compliments

"Praise is perfect....flattery is phoney"

Enough said!

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