Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seriously....laughter is good for your bottom line!

"An ounce of levity is worth a pound of seriousness"

Serious people suck the energy right out of you.   It is stressful to be around people who are serious all of the time.   Serious should be saved for the right moments and the right situations.  

When a brain surgeon is about to operate, I want him to be fully serious.   However, before and after surgery I would prefer him to be the hospital joker.  I don't want some stressed out surgeon trying to save my precious life.  Same goes for the office..

Here is what I hear when the super serious types start talking...

Now when someone is normally light hearted at work and they suddenly turn serious that really gets our attention!   So being serious at the right moment can be very persuasive. However too much serious sucks the energy out everyone.   It's draining to be around serious people for long periods of time.    

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