Friday, August 23, 2013

The sweetest sound that seduces (and sells)



The sweetest sound that seduces and our name!

Do you want to make a quick connection with a stranger?   Find out their first name and use it liberally.    Our first name is personal.   Now a days it seems the only people that call me by my last name are;  the cops, bill collectors and Revenue Canada.   The cops don't like to use your first name because it is too personal.   And if they did that their would be a higher liklihood that they would let you off the hook for that speeding ticket.   Ditto for bill collectors and Revenue Canada or the IRS.

When someone uses our first name they seem more familiar and we tend to get more comfortable with that person.   We like to hear our name.   It means we are being recognized as an individual.  When we are relaxed and comfortable around someone we are more open to their persuasion.

Let me give you an example!   A year ago I was booking a flight online with Westjet Airlines  and they were in the process of changing over their reservation system.  I called and called but couldn't get through.   It took 2 days to finally connect with a real live human.  I was pretty ticked about wasting so much time just to reach an agent.

When the agent came on and identified herself by saying....Hi my name is Angela and I apologize for any inconvenience caused by our may I help you?  Grrrr..was the first thought that came to mind.   However, before I unloaded on Angela, I caught myself and decided to test my skills.

I said...Angela I am very frustrated at it having taken me so long to get through however in fairness you've probably even more frustrated putting up with angry customers so need to apologize I know its not your fault.   That got things off to a good start.  

Then I continued to use her name during the conversation and ended by saying've been a pleasure to deal with, so thanks again Angela.   Our transaction was done but before I could hang up she said....just a minute Ed maybe I can do something for you.   She then proceeded to get me a room upgrade and sent a note to the hotel that I was a  VIP and Westjet would be grateful for anything they could do  to make my stay special. 

Wow...a room upgrade, flowers and wine in my room gratis on arrival and warm friendly service.   Cool!   And all because I made it personal between me and Angela by using her name frequently.

But wait it get's better...

Try to start and end your communications with the person's name.   Do it on emails, snail mail, facebook and texts.   Of course with a short text it would seem silly to start and end with the name.    And don't overdue it because it will come across as salesy. 


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