Thursday, August 22, 2013

So when is the best time to make a sale?

                                                    Sell in the sunshine


On a beautiful sunny day our clients are more receptive to new ideas, products or services.   The client is more apt to be in a good mood and full of energy (mental and physical).

On a cloudy, windy, rainy, snowy or stormy day they will be more judgemental.   More likely to turn down any request.

Sell in the morning

In the morning people have more mental energy to consider your requests.   By the afternoon they are tired and a tired or confused mind usually says NO!

You can also increase your chances of success if you give them a warm drink and a comfortable chair while considering your proposal.  

A hard chair makes them more critical as does a cold drink.   (although a cold one on a hot day does sound appealing......but best stick to what the research says)

Sell them outside of their office or work place

(ok I realize that you can't just take all of your clients on a tropical vaction but I just needed an excuse to put in a beautiful picture because even if its not a nice day when you read this, my image might put in you in a better mood and more receptive to my ideas)

If possible take them out for coffee or lunch and your chances increase.   Also, they will feel compelled to reciprocate in some manner if you pick up the tab (reciprocity).

The differnt environment makes them more open to new ideas and suggestions.   At home in their office they are much more likely to stay with the status quo.

Bonus idea...

All printed materials should be on a heavy paper.   The heavier high quality paper has the psycolgical  effect that makes them feel your presentation is more important.  Also, never skimp on the weight and quality of business cards (unless you don't care if they think you are cheap and

Pssst......yah I realize this isn't always possible but try it when you can because it works!

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