Saturday, August 24, 2013

What is the most important attribute for success and to be 'positively persuasive'

This morning I read a poll that listed the most trusted people in America.   So as I asked you to do, I began to think who would I pick as the most trusted man and the most trusted woman?

In my mind I considered:

Those with huge credentials and accomplishments.    (Nobel Prize winners)

I considered those who had done the most good for society.   (Bill & Melinda Gates)

Spiritual and religious leaders  (Dali Lama)

Great entrepeneurs   (Richard Branson)

But as usual I was out to lunch on this one (not even close)

So let the banners fly and trumpets blare, without further ado here is America's choice for most trusted persons....

For the men..

For the women...


Wow, Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock are the most trusted people in America!  I didn't see that coming.   So I got to thinking.....ok what qualities do they project that makes them so damn worthy of such trust?
They are both actors so can't compare to others in terms of saving the planet, helping save lives or creating world changing technology that makes life easier for their fellow humans.   Then I realized they are off the charts in one particular attribute....
Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock are both so darn likeable!

I remember once I was daydreaming about who would be the perfect mate for me?  The image of Sandra Bullock popped into my head (like a million other guys).   She seems about as perfect as they come.    She projects all of the qualities I admire and desire except for one thing.     I haven't got the foggiest clue if she actually has those qualities.   All I really know of her is her movie and TV image.   As usual I didn't have a good grip on reality.

All that fun daydreaming of our imaginary affair aside the real important question is....what qualities do Tom and Sandra project that make them so likeable that we rate them most trusted?

Here is what I came up with, see if you agree?

honest & sincere
open & vulnerable
self deprecating humor
attractive & healthy    (not sure about Tom ladies can evaluate that)
intelligent (but not genius level)
witty & funny
somewhat humble
giving & sharing

Assuming you have those qualities I feel I can confidently predict that you will be highly likeable and therefore by extension trusted.  

And if you are highly trusted you will be believable and be able to persuade most people to your way of thinking without much effort (assuming its not evil).

Now if you'll excuse me....I've got a lot of work to do on that list!

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