Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Art of doing nothing

The art of doing nothing
I know I make this look easy! However there is a fine art to doing nothing. People who know me, would say I have mastered it. But wait amigos.....did you know that....

"Free time is the mother of inspiration"

So while I may appear in this picture to be doing nothing, behind the scene my brain is open to receive whatever great inspiration the universe wants to send me. Why, I was prepared to sit in that position soaking up nature as long as it took to feel inspired. So in doing nothing I was being highly productive.
This is not as easy as it looks and actually takes a little practice to master. It is imperative that you have peace and quiet. No one is allowed to disturb you in any way while you waiting for inspiration. Sounds good so far, right?
The only part that takes effort is to control your thoughts. No negative thoughts are permitted. You should think of your thoughts as being like water, let them flow away. Don't try to retain or dwell on anything. Yes, it is a form of meditation.

"time is precious, waste it well"

I find it works best in a tropical location unfortunately it works just as well anywhere in nature, while going for a walk, taking a shower or a bath. Just empty your head (some think I do that well too) and let the inspiration in.
Those people that don't know that you can think without talking have no idea what they are missing...

"the time you enjoy wasting
is not wasted time"


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