Friday, December 2, 2011

The real reason I wrote my book

"The main reasons for writing  a book is take yourself on a self journey of discovery or to have something to brag about"

Today a guy I barely know was asking me about my book.   After a brief discussion he asked me, 'why did you write your book?'   Then it hit me that no one had ever asked me that before.   I of course knew precisely why I had written the book but it didn't seem to come up in conversations. 

So why did I write the book?   Glad you asked.    I wrote the book because I wanted to know all the ways to make MY life fun, easy and abundant.   I was convinced that I was doing most things the hard way.   Once I started searching  for ideas to make life fun, easy and abundant, I started finding answers.   Soon it turned into a passion.   I just need to know if some small change could make a big difference. 

I was at a comfortable stage and yet unsatisfied with where my life had gone to.   You know that little nagging thought that you could and should be doing better.   That feeling in the pit of your gut that somehing was missing?  

"I once read that almost everyone wants to write a book but only a very small group ever get beyond the talking about it stage"  

When I stumbled upon my 'Seducer' theory everything started coming together.  The logical next step  was to write the book.   I'd like to be able to tell you that I worked my tail off and sweat bullets writing the book but that would be fairy tale.    No it was fun!   Ok, not exactly easy but fun.   I just used some of the theories I write about in my book to get it written.

No matter what happens in my life I know I will always be committed to continuing the search to find fun, easy ways to attract abundance.   It's in my DNA now.  

If you haven't already read my book let me tell you, that the only reason to do so is if you tired of hard and difficult and want to look at new possibilities.   If you are one of those people who only have a cell phone because they quit making rotary phones, then my book is not for you.  

Pssst....I am afflicted with a buring desire to write the second book.  It will take my 'Seducer' theory into the business world.   Yeah, I'm exploring all the ways to make, easy and abundant.  Stay tuned... will notice in the days to come that my blog will get more active and that the articles will pertain more towards business success.      So you'll get a preview of what is to come or at least the first draft.

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