Sunday, December 4, 2011

Naked bodies boost brainpower!

I thought that title would get your attention!

The things you find in psychology blogs amaze me.   But this one floored me.   Apparently when you view images of naked women or men depending on your preference, it stimulates more than you might think.   Yes kids, it stimulates your brain and increases your ability to process information.

Makes me wonder what the boss would think if you were looking at some lovely naked bods at work?  It's not that you are a pervert its just that you want to be able to perform better for the company.   Yeah, that's not going to work!   So here are some office acceptable alternatives to get smarter on the job...


Peppermint acts as a stimulant to the brain.    The scent cruises through your nervous system on a path to your brain and the result is increased alertness and memory.   If you read my previous article on chewing gum then it makes perfect senses to chew peppermint gum during the big test or when you need to do some clever work. 


Java junkies benefit from their morning fix with increased alertness, concentration and problem solving ability.   And they get the extra bonus of a release of dopamine (one of  the bodies feel good chemicals) into their system.   So coffee drinkers are smarter and happier BUT...yes, there is a but, it only lasts for around 45 minutes.   This explains why you shouldn't even try to communicate with some people until they've had their morning coffee!  My son is like that, he's not ready for the human race until he's got his morning coffee fix.   One more thing, it works in the afternoon as well (but you knew that right?).

Protein Snacks

Protein snacks such as nuts and seeds are excellent brain boosters.   They stimulate your brain cells to keep you alert and awake (most managers really like that in their staff).   It also keeps the growlies away.   So you have my permission to GO NUTS!

You are smarter than you think

I expect you all to experience a burst of brilliance with these handy dandy tips I'm sharing.   So when you are rich and famous remember me?

One last thought...

For some strange reason I can't get the first tip out of my skull, you know the one about the pictures of naked bodies?     Well here's what I've been thinking....the study used pictures and managed to stimulate the brain (and other things).    But what the study didn't test was real live naked bodies.   So I've been thinking....maybe I should use myself as guina pig.   I would be willing to let beautiful naked women walk around my desk to see if it gave me a bigger burst of brilliance than normal.   I know what you are thinking?    You're thinking that Guru Eduardo is willing to do anything to advance the science of brainpower boosting, right?

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  1. Actually, if we culturally weren't so afraid of sex and nudity I think we would find all sorts of wondrous benefits to be had (that I personally believed our Creator wanted us to enjoy.) Oh, I also like to have peppermints with my coffee!

  2. so true Joshua and it makes me think I should look up the benefits of nudists. Anything special you do to increase your creativity?