Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to plan the perfect career

"To do what you love, are good at for which there is a market demand is the fastest, easiest path to living a dream"

I sure wish I'd seen this when I was just starting out!   It would have changed everything.   But the beautiful thing is that as long as we are still breathing, its not too late. 

As I've studied this it occurred to me that one thing was missing.....the willingness to do what makes you uncomfortable.   Those who won't go out of their comfort zone are destined to be frustrated and waste their opportunities.   Think of the writer who produces a beautiful novel and then refuses to get out and promote her book?   Or the techie who writes a program that could change lives and then sits at home waiting for someone to discover them and their product?   Well, you get the idea.  Somewhere along the path to living the dream you will have to do things that make you uncomfortable.

And for those who occasionally lament our past mistakes, a word from my friend Eric Yoda Wallman....

"It is better to have learned and lived than to never have learned at all"

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