Friday, December 23, 2011

New Years Resolutions....the no fail system!

Hold onto your shorts because here are the statistics based on research...

92% of Americans (I assume Canadians are no better)  don't achieve their New Year's Resolutions! YIKES.....makes me wonder if its worth even trying.  

But wait there's more.....those 8% who reach their goals are NO happier than 92% that don't.   Sheesh going through all that suffering and sacrifice and you are no happier?   Makes you wonder doesn't it?

The most common goals are; weight loss/fitness, money and career advancement.

Researchers also tell us that what makes us happiest are experiences and not things. So I have an idea?  

Instead of trying to sell 10,000 copies of my book or make a million.... my resolution is to increase the fun that my clients, readers and I have. How can I lose? I'm going to be a winner no matter what and so will my readers and clients.   (I know what you are thinking....if that Guru lightens up any more he'll float off the planet)

Here are some more ideas under consideration;

1. Spend more quality time with my friends and family (especially the good looking ones)

2. Take more vacation time

3. Spend more time in nature

Yeah I like roughing it too!

well you get the idea, I'm going to set myself up so that I will be one of the 8% that succeed.    Not only that I'll be happier than the rest.   Every step I take towards my resolutions will make me happier.   Since there is no specific defined goal, its the journey that will be appreciated and not just the destination. 

Every time you laugh, chuckle or scratch your head in mock disbelief at what I write or say...I'm succeeding!

Oh, and I'm also making a resolution to slow down and savour every last drop of Mexicano cervesa.  Matter of fact I think I'll go get a head start on that resolution right now!

Help me put an end to the hard and difficult way that people go about making New Year's Resolutions...just hit the f button below and share this with your facebook friends.   It will make all of us a lot happier....thanks!

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