Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sleep learning for lazy people

When a woman says to me...'in your dreams Eduardo', little does she know that if I want I can make it happen.   You see I've learned to be a lucid dreamer.   I can manipulate my dreams.   What this means is that I can create happy endings in my dreams.   It's a very nice skill to have.  Now before you write me off as a 'dream pervert'  what I really want to tell you about is how to learn while you are sleeping, solve problems or come up with ideas.   Sounds interesting, right?

We used to believe that the brain rested and was less active when we slept.   Not so.   Researchers now believe that when we sleep the brain continues working to try and make sense of what we experienced during the day.   Only recently have they concluded that we can learn while we sleep.  And I'm not talking about those silly subliminal tapes.

Here is one method

Imagine you are trying to learn a new language.    Just before you go to sleep you review some new words or phrases.   You read them over a few times and then its sweet dreams.   Your drift off to slumberland and your brain takes over reviewing the last imput you gave it.   In the morning your review what you went over last night.   That's it and it works.

Now imagine you are looking for a solution to some problem.   Write the problem out and keep it within reach along with paper to write out your solutions.  Before you nod off you review the problem and go over every thing you know about it.   Then drift off and in the morning write down anything that comes to you.   Also, if you wake up in the middle of night with some great idea you absolutely must write it down before going back to sleep.   Trust me on this its vital because I've had really good ideas but couldn't remember them in the morning. 

It takes practice so don't give up because it doesn't work the first time you try it.    Give it a week and you just might be pleasantly surprised.  


I just read that those that sleep on the left hand side of the bed tend to be happier and more positive  than the grumpy souls on the right hand side.   So don't show this article to your partner!   No sense starting a fight over who gets the best side of the bed.

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