Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Better than drugs

"I'm so good at singing, even the dogs can't resist joining in"

I just read an article based on research by the American Association of Science, that found singing rewires damaged brains. They are now using singing to make it easier to communicate for those who damaged their brains. Apparently its easier to sing than talk for these people. This has huge benefits for people like me. I'm thinking of all those brain cells I destroyed when over indulging in my favorite beverage. Wahoo....I can fix those poor brain cells with a little warbling.

And that's not all...

There is much more! I quick search with Mr Google and the list of benefits of singing is mind blowing. Look at this partial list;

* exercises your lungs

* increases creativity

* boosts immune system

* improves sleep (maybe not for those listening)

* reduces or eliminates; anger, depression and stress

* it makes my amigos laugh (sometimes uncontrollably, which is a great form of exercise, for them)

And that's just a fraction of the benefits of singing. Heck, it can even help those with Parkinson's Disease, regain balance. Is there nothing singing can't do?

"if singing were a drug we could patent, we would all become billionaires"

Too bad its free, and you don't even have to be good at it. Best of all, when I really want to annoy my son, I just start singing. In no time I have the house all to myself....isn't that wonderful? Yep, it really moves him.

Smile, singing when done right (or badly) will bring you peace and serenity!

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