Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to read and sell a person

Imagine if you could read when someone is lying to you?   Imagine if you knew how to present materials so that it would be more believable to your clients?   Well this is your lucky day because I'm going to give you one more tool for your success toolkit.

First, lets discuss how to read if someone actually feels strong about what they are saying.

The hand they gesture with gives away their true beliefs.   A right hand person will gesture with their right hand when they feel strong about something.   They will then gesture with their left hand when they don't believe strongly in what they are saying.    For a left hander it is just the opposite.

President Obama is left handed so next chance you get to see him giving a talk watch which hand he gestures with.    If he believes in what he is saying he will want to gesture with his left hand.   If he is not in belief with what he is saying he will gesture with his right hand.  It is an inborn reaction that we favor our dominant hand.  

The world is dominated by righties so our cliches are based on the right hand thinkers.  That is were the expression....'my right hand man' orginates.   Or conversely why we say...'he dances like he has two left feet'.   Right is right and left is wrong (unless of course you are left handed).

Now lets discuss how to present materials in a way that makes them want to buy.

Right handed people prefer things on the right hand of the page.   When they view two similar choices their tendency is pick the one on the right hand side.   So if there are two similar job applicants or two similar products on a page they will tend to pick the one on the right.   The opposite is true for left handed folks.  Simple right?

Let's imagine that you have two products displayed on a table or counter.   Which side would you put the product you want the client to purchase?   Oh, you're so smart!  Of course this assumes that you've actually been observant enough to notice whether the person is right  or left handed?

You don't have to take my word or the word of the researchers who test this stuff try it out yourself. You may never be baffled by a politicians BS again.   Well, let's not carried away those dudes have been practicing deception for decades.    But even the most deceitful occasionally give away tell tale signs if you are alert to the signs. 

Oh, and if you sell more products because you now know how to display them to owe me a beer!

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