Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'll take that bet!

"If you are going to bet on anything, bet on yourself to win"

I've read research that shows how making a bet increases your odds of losing weight or getting fit.   In one study dieters who bet cash lost 13-14 pounds over 16 weeks.  That's quite impressive.    It immediately reminded me of when I quit smoking many years ago.   I had a bet with my roommate at the time for $50 on who could quit smoking.   $50 way back then was equal to about two days work.   That was a bet I was not going to lose especially to my cocky friend.

Several months went by and I kept thinking to myself, I'm amazed, I didn't think he had the willpower.  Then one day I drove up to the back of our apartment and there was the little jerk smoking his brains out.  Truth is he didn't last a day but didn't want to pay the bet.   Too bad for him, that night I went out and partied with his $50.

So I know betting on yourself can work.   What other bets could you make?   Lose weight, get fit, increase sales, write that book?    Or, if you are a manager or business owner you could have a bet with your staff to reach some goal.

Betting guidelines..

*  Those betting have to believe its achievable
*  Be specific as to exactly what must be achieved
*  Remember if one of the goals is to break a bad habit and start a new one, it takes between two weeks and two months to form the new habit.
*  Write it down
*  It's supposed to be FUN

Done properly betting is a game where everyone can and should win.

Why it works:

1.  It's a game and people like to win games.
2.  It takes the focus off of the willpower required and puts the focus on the prize.
3.  We don't like to lose

So you don't think it will work?   Wanna bet?

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