Friday, April 20, 2012

Are nuts because you talk to yourself

Would you be smarter if you talked to yourself?   Yep!   That's the results of research published in the Quarterly Journal of Exponetical Psychology.   And who's going to argue with a brainiac sounding Journal like that?   Certainly not a goofy Guru like  me. 

Here's how to look like an idiot and yet outsmart your peers?

In several different experiments one group was asked to speak to themselves (silently) while trying to find objects or solve problems.   The other group was told to speak to themselves (out loud) while also trying to find objects or solve problems.   You guessed it they out performed their silent mates every time. 

But wait I can make you even smarter..

We already know that going for a walk when you are working on a problem helps your cognitive functions as well.   I will admit to this when working on a talk.   Mind you I stop talking out loud when I see someone coming with in  listening distance.   Too many people think I'm a little strange as it is.   I sure don't want to further encourage their beliefs.  

So if you want to improve your creativity or solve a big problem, you know what to do?   Yep, go for a walk and talk to yourself.   And if the guys in white coats stop you, just tell them about the research.   If that doesn't work.....don't blame me!   I have enough problems trying to appear sane as it is.  And I don't need them to think that I'm associated with the nut walking through the neighborhood talking to herself.   

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