Monday, April 9, 2012

The best solution to every problem

"The best solution to every problem is opportunity"

Why is it that when you hit on a great truth that it so frequently turns out to be so simple and obvious when you reflect on it?    This one just knocked my socks off this morning.    Here's why...

First, we all will face problems whether we are talking individually, as a society or as a business.   Next the greatest rewards go those who can solve those problems.   So when you think about it, the best solution to every problem will be found by looking for the opportunity.   Within every problem or adversity lies the seed of an opportunity that once discovered will dwarf that problem.   (somewhere there is a quote similar to that)

Life abounds with people who layed their claim to fame and riches by solving a problem.   Zuckerman found a way to make it fun and easy to connect with friends and like minded people with Facebook.   He has been rewarded for solving the connection problem with billions of dollars of net worth.   For almost every human problem; obesity, fitness, dating, unemployment, money management,  transportation and travel....someone somewhere is sitting on a pile of great wealth because they looked for the opportunity that would solve that problem. 

Sometimes you can solve the problem without uncovering the opportunity.   This is what happens when you look for a solution that is hard and difficult.   It usually is just a short term solution.   For instance imagine that you want to lose weight and get fit.  Hard and difficult is going to the gym or jogging.   It works for a few but most do it for a while and then give up.   My gym has over 2,000 members and I can tell you I rarely see over 50 people there at any given time.  Now when someone comes up with a fun and easy solution, they are going to become mega rich!

Got a problem...lucky you!   Find the opportunity in the problem and you just might end up wealthy.   Haven't got a problem....borrow someone else's problem.   Problems are opportunities in disguise.   Lucky for me, I've got a few problems so I'm off on a treasure hunt for the opportunties within the problem.    So paws off my problems....go find your own!


  1. Eddie I so agree with you on this one, It really means IF you want to solve it YOU CAN! It can be as simple as giving in and facing the truth.

    1. and looking for the opportunity in the problem...

  2. something in my head keeps and you shall find.