Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why professionalism is hurting your business?

"Too much professionalism is bad for business"

When you do everything by the book you end up becoming a professional.    The problem is that your competition is reading the same books, going to the same seminars and copying the leaders in your field.    It's great that you are good at what you do but....

Professionalism was once the path to success but in the new world the advantange you need is...personalization.   Everyone tries to be professional and that's a good thing but your customers want more than that, they want a relationship.   They want to feel that they matter to you.   No one tells their neighbors or friends about the professional service they got.   What makes you worth remarking about is when you get personal with your clients.


Your clients want to laugh, play and be amused.   Business is boring when you leave out the best parts of human interaction.   So lighten up and have some fun at work.   Because...

"The reason you aren't making more money is because you just aren't having enough fun"

The question can you make doing business more fun for you, your staff and your customers?

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