Thursday, April 5, 2012

You'd be richer if you had more fun?

A friend sent me this picture just for laughs, but it got me thinking. When I first saw this picture, I thought to myself...I would stop for a refreshment at a place with a sign like that. Humor sells! Of course marketers have know that for a long time. That's the reason for all the funny commercials. Humor lowers our resistance and opens us up. It's hard to say no when you are laughing and having a good time.

I do think though that the serious folks (they prefer to be called professionals) don't fully appreciate what humor can do. For instance look at this sign and tell me....isn't it more effective than some typical boring government sign? And yet no government professional would consider such an amaterish sign. And yet, I'll be willing to wager you that NO one hit that bridge again after that sign went up?

And would you stop at a gardening store with a sign like this?

How about this liquor store?

Do you think this might be a fun place to work?

A friend was telling me about how his young drivers in his business sometimes had a bad attitude and it sure as heck wasn't good for business. He said to me, ok Mr Guru, tell how to use humor to solve the problem. So I made up these posters....

Message received and problem solved!

So I'm thinking of become a 'Business Humor Consultant'. I've already given myself the title of Guru so this isn't much of stretch. I wonder if I put my new title of a business card if anyone will believe it? There shouldn't be much competetion since I've never heard of a 'Business Humor Consultant' before. No about Business Humor Guru? That sounds like I can charge more. What do your think?

Psssst....if you ever come across a picture of a funny business sign I would be sooo happy if you would send it to me. I might even meet you at the bar in the first picture and buy you a refreshment!