Thursday, April 26, 2012

This is powerful knowledge to have

More specifically it is a technique, one that will get people to do things for you that they wouldn't normally do for others. It is very powerful idea that has been tested and proven effective. I should charge you something for it but since you were kind enough to stop by my site (and I like you) I'll be only to happy to share it with you! Please use it with discretion.

Let's imagine that you arrive at a busy restaurant, a airline ticket booth or a hotel and you would like something extra. Perhaps you would like a better room or a better seat by the window. Here is a special phrase you can use that will get you surprising results. Please make sure you use the exact phrase.....

I don't know if you have the authority
or the power but I need a favor.
Can you help me (then give your request)

Here is why it works...

What it is really saying is, if you can't help me, then you have no power or authority. It also becomes a challenge. When they do help you they then think to themselves, that you think they have power and authority. This makes them feel powerful and good. Also, asking for a favour is very hard to refuse. Together they are a powerful mix.

This powerful technique can be used for many different things besides getting a better seat in a popular restaurant. Use your imagination?

So friend, I don't know if you have the authority or power but I need a favor? Would you buy me a beer?

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