Monday, April 30, 2012

Lighten up and load up on profits

"Rock a bye lady
you just paid more
so happy and relaxed
inside of my store"

Ok, I'll admit to being a pretty crappy song writer but be careful about your purchases when you are as my little ditty says...happy and relaxed. The reason is that when you feel that way you will pay more for a product or service.

When researchers tested very relaxed participants as to what they would pay for a product or service they found that those who were relaxed over-valued items by on average 15%. This was compared to participants in the study who felt equally pleasant but not as relaxed.

Here's a relaxed environment the brain does not perceive a threat. This alows for thinking more about the positive benefits of a product or service. It's then easy to think at an abstract level about how the product or service might be used to your advantage.

A less relaxed person is more likely to focus on the features and measure them against the price. Thus they are more critical in their purchase decision. They are on guard against what they might deem as any sales pressure. The relaxed person because they feel no threat are open to suggestions.

So Guru how do I take this to an even higher level in my business?

Glad you asked grasshopper. First, let me ask you a question. When are you most relaxed? If you said, when I am laughing you win the big prize. The big prize is more sales, better persuasion and more success. Pretty good prize huh?

Now you know that if you can make them laugh the door to endless opportunities is wide open. Boring kills sales. Laughter is directly proportional to success. And this my friends is your big advantage because while others are trying to win over customers with professionalism, superior product or lower price you will be laughing all the way to easy street.

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