Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The secret they REALLY don't want you to know?

"Boring people work twice as hard, make half as much and hardly have any fun at all"

So why would anyone chose a boring life?   Boring is no fun and yet so many accept it!   It's because there is a certain safetly in being boring.   To be boring is to conform to societies expectations for you.  In return you are given the safety of a wage.   It may not be a great wage but you won't starve by being boring.   You work hard and do as you are told and in return you are virtually guaranteed to survive.  Work harder than everyone else and you may even make a little more money than your peers.   You won't get rich (that's for the owners) but there is a satisfaction that you are making more than your buddies.

Society wants you to be boring.    Big business needs workers who are compliant, hard working and who will do it for minimal pay.   Governments want boring so that you will pay your taxes and not pay attention to what those on the top are doing with your money and freedoms.

"Boring is like an addictive drug, it seems harmless at first but before you know it you are hooked and can't get off the damn stuff"

Once the habit of boring is instilled in you it is really hard to kick.   Habits whether they  are good or bad for you are damn tough to break.  Of course if they told you that it was called boring you would reject the idea immediately.   So instead they tell you that what they are selling is called security.   You comply and your reward after 30 years of boring work is the golden retirement (maybe).

"Boring lulls you into compliance and then robs you of your life"

The big promise of security is that after all those years of compliance and hard work you will get to retire in your so called golden years.   You've seen the commercials....the fit handsome older couple walking on the beach, sipping the wine and living the dream.   Thirty years later maybe and maybe not!   They don't tell you that some companies go broke and poof there goes the pension fund.   Governments squander the monies that they were supposed to putting aside for your golden years. 

The Secret Antitode To Boring

There is a cure to boring and they don't want you to have it.   The cure can make your life rewarding and interesting.  It can open up your natural creative talents and lead you to places you never dreamed possible.   It will improve your relationships, make you richer and make every year golden (not just your retirement years).   It is so powerful that it can break the bonds of compliance and boredom instantly.    If the masses ever truly understood it then big business and governments would be in trouble.   This stuff removes your cloudy vision and opens up a whole new and wonderful world of possibilities.   And most important of is free and there is a a never ending supply of the stuff.  Wow!

So how do they hide the cure from us?

They trivialize it, they marginialize it and they mock it.    They hide it plain sight and laugh at you behind your back because you don't recognize it when its been  right in front of you all of the time.  But secretly they fear its power because they know if you ever figure it out, all control over you is lost!  You will be free and you will never again be under their influence.

I know what you are thinking....

Damn you Guru quit dragging this out and tell me what the freaking cure is?   Ok, I will gladly share the truth with you but first you have to promise me that before you reject it, you will give the answer some time to soak into your being before you fall into their trap.  Remember you have been conditioned to trivializing it or marginalizing it?  

Good.    The cure to boredom is....FUN!   See I told you that you might feel the urge to dismiss it.  Remember they told you fun was trivial and not to take it serious.  And yet fun is the most serious thing in your life.   Why?   I'll tell you why fun is the most important thing in your life.   Why it is a life changer.  It's because....

"Energy flows to fun"

If you remember nothing else from this article remember flows to fun.  Energy is life force, without it everything stagnates and dies.   Boredom is lethal to energy.   You've seen yourself what happens to a bored person?    That's right they lay around and do energy!   Boredom kills your creativity, stifles your potential and makes you comliant. 

Now that you know the cure what are you going to do about it?

You want loving relationships?    Put the fun (energy) back into it
You want to increase your income?    Find out how to have fun at what you do and problem solved.
You want spiritual satisfaction?   Mix in some fun in and just watch what happens
You want to  live in the moment?   Make it fun
You want to be truly creative?   Have some fun playing with ideas and thoughts
You want to be healthy and fit?    Add a generous portion of fun to your exercise and your diet
You want to eliminate hard and difficult from your life?    Yep, have more fun!
You want to inspire or heal a friend?    Show them how to have fun

I will say this again...the most important discovery to a happy rewarding life is.....FUN!    Isn't that beautiful?   Why?    Because energy flows to fun.    It's just that simple and wonderful.   Energy flows to fun.  Think about it and you can buy me a beer later....

And now you know why I always say...

Life was meant to be fun, easy and abundant!

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