Thursday, April 12, 2012

My get rich quick scheme

Those crazy researchers at Standford University have come up with another gem. If you are a computer geek we should get together.   We could make a fortune on this one!

Here is what their research revealed; when they studied sedentary people (that's code for couch potato's) they found that an automated exercise reminder phone call had about the same (get up and go) power as calls from human counsellors. Think about that? We are just as motivated by a machine generated message as from some qualified expert.

Just think of the possibilities? We could sell little message machines to mothers that they could have motion actived in little Johnny's room. When Johnny retreats to his room the machine would nag him to clean his room just like the real Mom does. I'm sure Mothers around the world would gladly buy our machine to do the nagging for them!

Next thing the woman of the household would want is a programmable husband nagger machine. 'Take out the garbage, cut the grass and don't be late for supper' are just a few of the pre-programmed messages on our machine (in a very sweet voice of course).

Now before I incur the rath of women all over the planet let's get serious. What does this latest research really tell us? I'm thinking that whenever we tackle changes in our lives we need support,encouragement and reminders. There are huge opportunities for those with the technical expertise to assist those who want to lose weight, quit smoking or become more successful.

Encouragement is addictive and pleasing to all of us.

This is something we knew so well when we are kids, however as we get older we forget just how important it is. It is so much easier to critizeBut  and find fault. I wonder if anyone really ever got nagged to success?

But wait it gets better...

Another research article I read says that when you ask someone to do something you can increase the likelyhood of it getting done if you add this word...because.   Follow that with the reason and your chances of success go up by as much as 30%..
Maybe you would like to get a daily, automated phone call from Guru Eduardo telling you what a wonderful person you are and reminding you to (fill in the blanks)________________. NO? Well, then how about  from someone you actually  admire and respect?

Smile, I have more dumb ideas than you have money!


  1. Sound Like a great idea to me Ed. Now on the other side of it if someone gave me a machine that was telling me what to do I would either drowned it in the tub or try to flush it down the camode or just throw it out a window.

    I don't like it when my PC tells me good morning.

    Now again, a GPS tells people where to go and they follow it's directions. So in all maybe you have a great idea. You may not want to just sit on the couch with this idea. LOL
    Blessings to you,

  2. thanks for the friendly nagging.....ooops I mean reminder Debbie. I already feel like getting off the couch (well as soon as the game is over).